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  1. I. Seamless ordering

    I. Seamless ordering

    Request transportation in no time through the ADLC Portal.

  2. II. Convenient pick-up

    II. Convenient pick-up

    No more waiting for your transportation means. Our aircraft arrives on-time to pick-up your cargo.

  3. III. Instant delivery

    III. Instant delivery

    Avoiding congestion & natural barriers, our aircraft delivers your cargo much faster than traditional transportation.

  4. IV. Notified arrival

    IV. Notified arrival

    Track the arrival of your cargo in real-time, and plan your operations accordingly.

In which context ?

Across industries

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Transportation of oil, gas & chemical samples within industrial environments such as ports or production facilities. Combining transportation performance with high safety standards, ADLC answers the needs for continuous improvements of operational processes.

Oil, Gas & Chemicals
Offshore & Maritime

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